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A Closer Look at Mechanics Jobs

What is the average hourly pay for a Mechanics job? Check out our hourly pay calculator to find out and even look up the average pay in your locale.

We have complied information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to help you get a better idea of employment in the Mechanics field. Below are highlights of the major professions within this industry.

Coin, Vending, and Amusement Machine Servicers and Repairers

  • Most workers in this occupation learn their skills on the job.

  • Opportunities should be especially good for people with some knowledge of electronics.

Aircraft and Avionics Equipment Mechanics and Service Technicians

  • Most workers learn their jobs in 1 of about 170 schools certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

  • Job opportunities should be favorable for persons who have completed an aircraft mechanic training program, but keen competition is likely for jobs at major airlines, which offer the best pay and benefits.

  • Job opportunities are likely to continue to be best at small commuter and regional airlines, at FAA repair stations, and in general aviation.

Small Engine Mechanics

  • Job prospects should be excellent for people who complete formal training programs.

  • Most mechanics learn their skills on the job or while working in related occupations.

  • Use of motorcycles, motorboats, and outdoor power equipment is seasonal in many areas, so mechanics may service other types of equipment or work reduced hours in the winter.

Heavy Vehicle and Mobile Equipment Service Technicians and Mechanics

  • Opportunities should be excellent for people with formal postsecondary training in diesel or heavy equipment mechanics; those without formal training will face keen competition.

  • This occupation offers relatively high wages and the challenge of skilled repair work.

  • Skill in using computerized diagnostic equipment is important in this occupation.

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