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A Closer Look at Media and Publishing Jobs

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We have complied information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to help you get a better idea of employment in the Media and Publishing field. Below are highlights of the major professions within this industry.

Desktop Publishers

  • About 35 percent work for newspaper, periodical, book, and directory publishers, while almost 25 percent work in the printing industry.

  • Overall employment is expected to experience little or no change over the 2006-2016 decade.

  • Most employers prefer to hire experienced desktop publishers; among persons without experience, opportunities should be best for those with certificates or degrees in desktop publishing or graphic design.

Writers and Editors

  • Most jobs in this occupation require a college degree preferably in communications, journalism, or English, but a degree in a technical subject may be useful for technical writing positions.

  • The outlook for most writing and editing jobs is expected to be competitive because many people are attracted to the occupation.

  • Online publications and services are growing in number and sophistication, spurring the demand for writers and editors with Web or multimedia experience.

Television, Video, and Motion Picture Camera Operators and Editors

  • Workers acquire their skills through on-the-job or formal postsecondary training.

  • Keen competition for jobs is expected due to the large number of people who wish to enter the broadcasting and motion picture industries, where many camera operators and editors are employed.

  • Those with the most experience and the most advanced computer skills will have the best job opportunities.

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