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The Position

The Office Technology Vocational Coordinator is responsible for a variety of duties relating to meeting the vocational/transition needs of a multi-handicapped student /client population. This position reports to the Special Education Director. It is a salaried exempt full time position. Typical hours of work are 8:00-4:00 PM Monday through Friday or as needed by department.

Educational/Work History Requirements:
Master’s degree preferred and has experience working with students/clients.
Has stamina and physical endurance for a demanding work schedule.
Possesses excellent problem solving, organizational, analytical, communication, and interpersonal skills.
Functions with little supervision.

Essential Duties of the Position

1. Must be willing to learn about the JRC students, their disabilities and the forms of treatment provided at JRC.
2. Must be willing to be responsible for the safety and welfare of the JRC students.
3. Must be able to understand the gravity of their responsibility for the safety and care of the JRC students and be willing to perform their duties diligently.
4. Work with teachers to ensure CDOS (Career Development of Occupational Studies) and SACC (Skills and Achievement Commencement Credential) portfolios are completed.
5. Train/Assess students on creating a career plans.
6. Review/maintain student employability profiles.
7. Participates in/ ensures exit summaries for students aging out are completed.
8. Participates in/ensures vocational assessments and written summaries/recommendations are competed.
9. Oversee the training techniques for teaching job performance skills such as sequencing, insuring quality, and producing adequate quantity of assigned tasks.
10. Oversee teaching job related skills such as grooming, socializing with co-workers, accepting supervision, etc.
11. Supervise the evaluation and monitoring the student/clients performance and progress for in-school jobs and community jobs.
12. Supervise the system use for the “interview process” within the school. (What students are eligible for employment, helping students fill out application and other pre-employment paperwork, setting up interviews with department heads).
13. Supervises the teaching of the students learning appropriate interview skills.
14. Tracks works based learning hours, ensures students are on track to meet their requirements.
15. Tracks volunteer hours and ensure students are on track to meet their requirements.
16. Oversees and tracks CTE hours and ensure students are on track to meet their requirements.
17. Supervise and evaluate CTE courses, course descriptions and content to ensure CTE criteria is being met.
18. Supervise SACC standards, ensure content is being covered and portfolios are being completed.
19. Meets with the Education Department to help develop goals and objectives for the students IEP.
20. Assists teacher to ensure vocational goals and objectives in the students’ Individualized Education Programs are met on schedule.
21. Attends bi-weekly transition meetings.
22. Attend monthly CDOS/SACC meetings.
23. Attends meetings with the Education Director of his/her designee for the purpose of input regarding curriculum development, equipment acquisitions, and teaching methodologies.
24. Submits request/suggestion forms to the Education Director regarding supplies needed.
25. Completes necessary paperwork on time, employability profiles, CDOSS/SACC hours, career plans, volunteer work, etc).
26. Engages in incidental learning whenever possible.
27. Knows the whereabouts of each student at all times. A head count is to be taken at random times while emergency evacuation drills are being held.
28. Attends informal meetings with the Education Director or his/her designee to discuss student progress, suggestions for changes or any other problems/issues, which may arise.
29. Asks for changes in students’ programs both educational and behavioral. Reports to next supervisor in line if no results are achieved with immediate supervisor.
30. Participates in professional development activities including but not limited to the two hours per month of In-Service training required by JRC policy.
31. Reports any damage (to include property that has been exposed to any bodily fluids/secretions) to JRC property on End of Shift form.
32. Responsible for reporting abuse to JRC and appropriate agencies.

Demonstrated Skills:

• Possesses excellent interpersonal /communication skills.
• Reacts to change productively and handle other essential tasks as assigned.
• Exhibits knowledge of verbal and physical teaching techniques used when working with mentally/multi-handicapped citizens.
• Exhibits knowledge of state/federal educational guidelines for multi-handicapped population.
• Exhibits the ability to react to student anger in a calm, detached, assertive manner.
• Demonstrates a professional appearance and demeanor.

Physical Demands of Position:

• Communicates clearly and concisely in English.
• Has 20/20 vision or correctable to 20/20 with corrective lenses.
• Is able to stand and walk for at least 80% of the workday.
• Is able to sit for at least 20% of the workday.
• Involves kneeling, stooping, crouching, crawling, reaching, pushing, pulling, lifting, and handling during the teaching process, and whenever assisting direct care staff.
• Possesses a valid driver’s license. Travel to residences/field trips is required.
• Has normal depth perception is required.

The inability to fulfill any of the above requirements is sufficient reason to justify not being accepted for or termination of employment.

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