Risk Manager

  1. San Antonio,TX
  2. Oct 30, 2019
  3. General : General

This role will be responsible for launching best practices within the Google Food Program, and grow the risk program into the facility management operations within eighteen months.

Role summary

ISS North America is hiring a Manager of Risk & Resilience to join the ISS Food Services. This person will report directly to the Director Transformation and Enterprise Risk. The right candidate will be able to implement a proactive approach to identifying, and assessing risk, preparing and mapping response plans to ensure resilience in the operation. The individual will monitor risks and emerging issues and support critical business discussions and decisions that safeguard our teams and reputation. She/He will have the ability to work well with the highest levels within the organization and integrate with the client team to support any response that may need to be managed in defense of the business, brand and people. In this respect, she/he may be viewed as a strategic issues management resource to the larger ISS NAM organization beyond the scope of a single client relationship.


  • Lead a cross-functional strategy to continuously assess, resource and prepare teams for effective mitigation that safeguards teams and supports business continuity

  • Advocate for ISS and ISS Food Services at Google organization in the context of any issues that might arise across the enterprise network.

  • Assess and understand current processes and tools available both within the account and through local ISS sectors. Leverage ISS best in class examples across the business where relevant and/or applicable.

  • Continuous assessment and monitoring of risks globally, regionally and locally.

  • Build culture of safety, resilience and preparedness through thoughtful planning and testing of protocol and process.

  • Develop local relationships with any potential risk catalysts (e.g., organized employee groups, outside interest groups or other NGOs as the risk profile may indicate as relevant).

  • Nurture relationships with regional and local business owners to facilitate €˜early warning of risks or issues well before they may emerge.

  • Develop and report on current risks for ISS and for the client facilities and present the report as well as mitigation and response strategies to business owners and the enterprise leadership.

  • Maintain a dynamic report of components of the risk profile that present trends across the spectrum to help present a real time holistic view of the changing circumstances globally, regionally and locally.

  • Understand the (internal) plans to implement or modify any policies or programs that will either mitigate or exacerbate risks.

  • Manage the plans and programs that are designed to mitigate or facilitate a cohesive and timely response to any emerging or unanticipated issue to minimize impact to persons and property as well as the client and company brands and reputations.

  • Identify and facilitate relationships with local government and community resources that may be supportive in the event of an incident at any local facility.

  • Conduct an annual drill to test response capacity and efficacy of the ISS at Google organization and develop after-action remedial recommendations.

  • Perform site assessments and client interviews; requiring up to 40% travel

    Minimum Qualifications:

  • Experience working in a global business environment and across cultures.

  • Self-starter who can work well both independently and across multi-level stakeholder groups

  • Strategic thinker with a proven track record of seeing projects through from concept to post-mortem

  • Thrives in a fast-paced, startup-like environment

    Leadership behaviors

  • Think fast, use technology - Finds new/quicker ways of meeting goals, shows conviction in own judgment and decisions and responds quickly under pressure

  • Openly share and co-create €" Delegates tasks to develop others

  • Passion for quality €" Takes personal responsibility for correcting customer service problems, consistently sets demanding performance expectations and sets priorities to maximize benefits

  • Win through teamwork €" Pursues friendly relationships with colleagues, shares own knowledge and insight and displays a high level of energy and commitment to the organization

  • Embrace diversity €" Listens to others and values their contributions, is receptive to new ideas and builds on ideas and acts in ethical and socially responsible manner.

  • Take responsibility and make the big calls €" Uses the right influencing techniques to gain the necessary commitment and support from others, both internally and externally

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