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Mail clerk jobs are positions that call for job seekers to be familiar with filing and mail sorting since they will be in charge of a business or organization's mail services. While exact functions can vary, common tasks and responsibilities are picking up, sorting, processing, and delivering mail accurately within the office setting. A mail room clerk will also be in charge of dispatching outgoing mail and stamping it with the correct date and time.

Workers that have previous experience within an office environment will have the best chance at employment. In large businesses or organizations there may be many mailroom clerks with a supervisor while smaller establishments may have only one mail room clerk that handles the full volume of mail. Additional tasks like ordering and storing office supplies, filing documents, sending and receiving faxes, and data entry may also be handled by a mail room clerk in smaller offices.

Since this career is affected by the business cycle there will be more opportunities as the economy gains strength within in the coming years. Workers with previous mailroom experience, exceptional interpersonal communication skills, and solid resumes will have the best opportunities at gaining employment as a mail room clerk. Additionally, there will be a number of positions that become available from workers that opt to change careers or workers that exit the work force entirely. Opportunities will be best for workers in large companies with many room clerk jobs, versus smaller companies that may not have as many available job openings.  

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