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Receptionist jobs are responsible for answering telephones and greeting visitors, although specific tasks may vary according to the business or organization but they typically control the access of visitors into an office. Jobs as receptionist can also expect to compose documents, managing office supplies and orders, as well as keep a log of the day's visitors. Working the standard 40 hour work weeks receptionist jobs work best for prospective job seekers that do not mind frequently answering phone calls and greeting visitors face to face.

Receptionist employment calls for individuals with very upbeat personalities and efficient communicators as they must provide the establishment's guests within information and arrange escorts if necessary to director visitor's to the proper office. Using multiline telephone systems, computers, and copy machines, they can take messages, do data entry, up date appointment schedules, and arrange documents for employees.

With nearly 1.2 million jobs in 2006, the majority of these workers were employed in health care and social assistance offices.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics there is a projected 17 percent increase in receptionist employment during the 2006 to 2016 decade. This rate will be faster than the national average for all occupations and stem from industry growth in legal services, employment services, management and technical consulting, and physicians offices. A number of receptionist job opportunities will be available, as additional positions will come from workers that change careers or exit the work force entirely. Prospective job seekers with diverse skills will have the best chances for becoming employed.

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