Computers Jobs

Computers Jobs

Using computers is such a basic part of most jobs these days that it seems strange to look for a job within the computer field. However, computer jobs still exist, and can refer to computer programming positions to graphic design jobs to jobs in quality assurance. Generally, computer careers require at least a two-year degree along with specialized training to keep up with the demands of the industry.

A traditional computer job is that of the computer scientist. This position requires extensive work in theories and research that can lead to innovation in the realm of hardware and software design, as well as computer languages. Database administrators work to store and effectively organize data while whole network systems analysts evaluate the system usage and configure it appropriately depending on the Internet/Intranet needs and wide or local area networks.

Graphic designer jobs started out as primarily print designers for anything from restaurant menus, marketing collateral for companies and package design for product lines. Jobs in graphic design have flourished to the Web, and can include Web site design, e-mail marketing campaigns and virtual collateral pieces. With the urgency to save more money on company-wide printing and leave less of a paper trail, virtual design is becoming more of the standard. In either case, all of the design work is done on computer rather than in free-hand illustration.

Quality assurance jobs (also known as QA jobs) are prevalent within the software industry to test out programs before they are released to the general public or company. In general, jobs in QA include in depth testing, comparisons with the original process diagrams, and solutions to programming problems.

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Newest Jobs in Computers

Title Company Location

Applications Systems Engineer 5

54_5262210-1 Job Title: Applications Systems Engineer 5Job ID Number: 5262210-1Location: Glen...

Wells Fargo

Glen Allen, VA 23058

Client Service Consultant 3 (Closing Coordinator)

54_5264890-1 Job Title: Client Service Consultant 3 (Closing Coordinator)Job ID Number:...

Wells Fargo

San Francisco, CA 94120

Research\Remediation Analyst 1

54_5264729-1 Job Title: Research/Remediation Analyst 1Job ID Number: 5264729-1Location: Des...

Wells Fargo

Des Moines, IA 50301

ETL Developer for Enterprise Data Analytics Mortgage Applications Systems Engineer 4

54_5269432-1 Job Title: ETL Developer for Enterprise Data Analytics Mortgage - Applications...

Wells Fargo

Minneapolis, MN 55467

Research\Remediation Associate

54_5269781-1 Job Title: Research/Remediation AssociateJob ID Number: 5269781-1Location:...

Wells Fargo

Irving, TX 75017

Research\Remediation Analyst 2

54_5268485-1 Job Title: Research/Remediation Analyst 2Job ID Number: 5268485-1Location: San...

Wells Fargo

San Antonio, TX 78257

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