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Facility administration careers manage the efforts of support services to allow organizations to operate efficiently. The specific duties and responsibilities for these positions vary by employer but overseeing secretarial services, payroll, conference planning and travel, telecommunications management, materials scheduling and distribution, information and data processing, security, and energy consumption are all commonly done activities for facility administrator jobs. Most workers also complete a standard 40 hour work week with possible periods of overtime.

The minimum educational and training requirement for facility administration jobs varies widely but at the least an individual with a high school diploma and a significant amount of experience may still become employed. Employers tend to hire workers with exceptional leadership and communication skills. The Institute of Certified Professional Managers (ICPM) offers the Certified Manager (CM) designation to individuals that meet the educational, work experience, and examination qualifications.

Holding nearly 769,000 jobs in 2006, 71 percent of warehouse workers were employed by manufacturing or by retail and wholesale establishments within denser urban areas. These jobs will continue to be effected by computer automation of jobs. Additional job openings for facility administration careers will arise from workers that leave their job for other jobs or retire from the work force completely. Professionals with broad experience will have the best opportunity for employment as smaller warehouses will continue to hire workers for jobs instead of automation computer equipment. 

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