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Tips to avoid employment scams during your job search.

With the rise of online fraud, it is increasingly important to protect your personal information during your job search process.

Be wary of employers that:

Try to obtain personal information including Social Security Number or personal financial information. Extend offers of employment without first interviewing you. Charge a placement fee or start-up fee. Require you to transfer funds, receive and deposit funds or receive packages, particularly from addresses located outside of the United States. Are unable or unwilling to give a detailed description of the opportunity and job duties that you will be performing.

These are signs of a potential scam. Many legitimate employers use online advertising as well, but if you run across any of the above circumstances please be sure to thoroughly investigate the employer.

You can use online sources such as the Better Business Bureau or Google to research employers.

If you feel that you may have been a victim of fraud or provided too much information to an employer, you can report the incident at the FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center or contact the Employment Guide's Customer Service Line at 877-876-4039.

Learn more about current employment scams Better Business Bureau's Employment Scams website. The Federal Trade Commission can offer some helpful information about identity theft and ways to protect yourself.

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