7 Benefits of Social Media of Recruitment

Karl Giles

Improve your brand's candidate pool Anyone familiar with the internet knows that it is constantly evolving. While futurists are progressing towards web 3.0 concepts, many businesses are just beginning to grasp the value of web 2.0.

5 Best States for Employment In 2010

Karl Giles

While relocation may not be a likely solution to finding jobs for all, some prospective job seekers in select industries may have far better opportunities finding work in different areas of the country.

6 Common Resume Mistakes

Karl Giles

Spring is the best time of year to begin tuning up your resume before your next opportunity presents itself. Here are 6 common issues with resumes that get overlooked: 1.

5 Ineffective Networking Strategies

Karl Giles

Today’s job seeking professionals need to be able to recognize the right and the wrong techniques associated with networking. Making the most of your professional network is a critical aspect to finding a job in today’s economy.

4 Introductory Social Media Tactics

Karl Giles

4 Introductory Social Media Tactics for Recruitment

It is important that a strategy needs to be developed and set in place so that social media recruitment can be effective and eventually refined.

6 Tips for a Good Resume

Karl Giles

The beginning of the year is the perfect time to start preparing your resume to apply for job opportunities. While many careers may call for specific resume formatting (teachers, engineers, etc.), there are general aspects of resume building that can be applied to every resume.

6 Tips for Finding New Job Success

Karl Giles

Want to make excellent first impressions? Here’s how. Having goals lined up before you start your new job is a great way to prepare yourself for success.

6 Top Things to do Before, During and After a Job Fair

Brandon Lawson

Job fairs are great places to network, learn about companies and possibly land a job. If you plan on attending a job fair, we want to help you make the best of your experience.

A Word from HIM…

Elizabeth A. Whitmer, RHIT, FAAMT

Information for a Healthy Nation

As a 10 year resident of Southwest Florida, I can now profess, Florida has succumbed to enough hurricanes during the last two seasons to last me a lifetime.

Accepting a Job Offer: What to Prioritize?

Karl Giles

5 Points for evaluating your new job offer So you have made it past several interviews, took a tour of the office, spoke with several employees of the company, and an employment offer was presented.

Apply to jobs online

Just because you are applying online, it doesn’t mean that your cover letter should be any less formal than if you were preparing a print copy.

Be Your Own Boss!

Rachel Sadler

What it Takes to Run Your Own Business

Self-employment is the ultimate American Dream. Many relish the thought of setting their own hours, being their own boss, and watching the dream of owning their own business become a reality.

Career Development

For your development and to further your career with any company, remain humble in the face of your success, being mindful of changes within any business climate.

Changing Careers: The Do’s and Don’ts

Karl Giles

Before you change careers you should have full understanding of why you want to change career fields. In today’s job market, changing careers at the wrong time without proper perspective could have a negative effect on your future.

College Students with Disabilities

U.S. Department of Labor

College recruitment programs that work for students with disabilities

There are many programs available to students with disabilities. The Workforce Recruitment Program is a government-backed resource that aims to connect public and private sector employers with motivated college students and recent graduates with disabilities.

Creating a Personal Brand

There are two types of job seekers, active and passive. Active job seekers are looking for a job now due to circumstances such as unemployment, potential layoffs or dissatisfaction with current employment.

Creating a Professional Resume

Your resume provides a snapshot of who you are to a potential employer. Along with your cover letter, it is their first impression and must stand out in a competitive job market.

Disabled Workers Advance...

Contributing Writer

Disabled Workers Advance in High-Tech Careers

People with disabilities are the nation's largest minority, and the only one that any person can join at a moment's notice. Those who weren't born with a disability have about a 20 percent chance of becoming disabled at some point during their work life. If you are disabled or become disabled, you need to know your rights, as well as who and what is available to help you find employment or keep your employment.

Dressing for Interview Success

Karl Giles

One skill that every professional should be comfortable with is dressing for an interview. It is important to present yourself in a manner that would reflect a business attitude and convey that you can get the job done. Below I will cover some of the basic aspects for dressing for interview success for both men and women, but for starters there are certain grooming techniques that both women and men should adhere to when starting the job seeking process.

Find the Right Job

Before you start your job search you need to identify your career goals.

I Need a Job- Now What

Contributing Writer

You know you need a job, but where do you start?

Perhaps the biggest key to a successful job search is realizing that looking for a job is a full-time task. The more you know about yourself, what you have to contribute to an employer, and the type of work you are looking for before you search job listings, the more directed, and successful, your job search will be.

Interview Preparation

Interviews can be intimidating, but with the proper preparation, they can be easily conquered. Ensuring you have key information about a company will make you look like a more polished candidate.

Job Interview Tips

Contributing writer

Tips to Help Make Your Job Interview Successful

Congratulations! Spending days, weeks, or possibly months of looking for the right job has finally paid off and you've been asked to come in for an interview.

Job Advice From Your Dog

Rachel Sadler

Job Success Tips From Man's Best Friend

You read the headline right; your beloved canine companion can give you advice about work. Dogs are loyal, intelligent, eager to please, and one of the best teachers people can have.

Job Fair Advice

Contributing Writer

Making the Most of a Job Fair

Job fairs are a great way for you to explore potential employment opportunities and learn more about companies who are actively hiring in your neighborhood.

Job Search Personality

Guest columnist, Memory Ryan

What is your job search personality?

One of the things I always wish for my clients is that they find careers to enjoy as much as I do mine. I love working with people, but especially in this field, it is so rewarding to know you have helped someone find their way through the career maze.

Keep On Truckin'

Rachel Sadler

Working in the Trucking Industry

Truck drivers hold 44% of all jobs nationwide. They play an integral role in the transportation of produce and goods locally and nationally. Think you’re dependable enough to get the job done? Read on. Businesses set up contracts with trucking companies to transport, store, pick-up, and deliver merchandise and goods.

Keeping the Job

Congratulations - Now that You Have the Job, Keep It. The hard work is not over.

Killer Cover Letters

Always send a cover letter with a resume when applying for a job. The cover letter and resume have the same goal—to get the interview; however, they should contain different information.

Lack of Commuting Options Sabotaging Your Job Search - Get Help, Fast!

Lisa Kay Schweyer, Program Developer for the Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission's Commute Info Program

Job seekers - have you been choosing which jobs to apply for based on whether you think you can get there? Does transportation stand in your way of getting back to work? There are many local organizations who provide a wide range of ride-sharing services and options for alternative commuting to job seekers.

Leading the Way in Diversity

Contributing Writer

An interview with Pat Harris, vice president diversity initiatives with McDonald's Corporation

Let's get one thing straight from the beginning: diversity management isn't about taking measurements. It's not about reparations for past wrongs committed against any one particular group.

Making the Most of Job Fairs

Job fairs are a great way for you to explore potential employment opportunities and learn about companies who are actively hiring in your neighborhood.

Never Assume

Contributing Writer

Don't Assume Your Way Out of a Job

It's a tough time for America and for America's workforce. We may be a little distracted and a lot frightened by what we see and hear. But in order to stay successful in the long-run, we can't overreact to the news.

New Ideas for Your Job Search

Kevin Donlin

Want to get hired faster and get ahead on the job? If so, ponder this: some of the most amazing new ideas in history weren't new at all. They simply resulted when one observant person transplanted an old idea into a new context. Example: Velcro was invented in 1948, but it's really an ageless idea from nature -- the tiny hooks on cockleburr seeds -- put into a new context. Example: the first drive-through window opened at the Exchange National Bank of Chicago in 1946.

Nonverbal Cues for Interview Success

Karl Giles

Verbal communication is what prospective job seekers mainly focus on when prepping for an interview, but many do not know the importance of non verbal communication.

Nurses as College Teachers

Heather Gillies

Nurses were encouraged to pursue clinical positions. Now they’re needed in the classroom.

Every time you pick up a trade journal, there’s another article about the nurse shortage. Not only are there not enough people choosing nursing as a career, the average age of nurses is creeping up (as age does to all of us) and more and more nurses will be retiring just as the need for nurses in increasing.

Posting Jobs: 3 Employer Guidelines

Karl Giles

How to make the most out of your job posting Recruiters and employers attempt to attract the top talent to fill open jobs several ways, including online job postings.

Resume Tips for Truckers

Karl Giles

In recent years increasing amounts of trucking companies have requested that their job candidates submit their resumes online via email or through the company website, speeding up the application process.

Résumé Tips

Brandon Lawson

If you are currently looking for a new job, chances are that you need to update your résumé before you start distributing it to employers.

Search Smart

Tips to avoid employment scams during your job search. With the rise of online fraud, it is increasingly important to protect your personal information during your job search process.

The Generation Gap in Nursing

Heather Gillies

Is anyone doing anything to address the generation gap?

When the term “Generation Gap” was coined in the ‘60s, it was meant to describe the obvious chasm between the thinking of America’s liberal youth and the more conservative older generation.

The Interview: Preparation is Key

Rachel Sadler

Tips on Preparing for an Interview

After applying to what may seem like an endless array of job openings, you finally receive a call for an interview. Waiting until the night before to “do your homework” will almost guarantee an interview nightmare the next day.

The Job Search

There are a lot of career resource available to job seekers. Jobs resources are categorized by job type and industry. Knowing what field and position you want will save you time and enable you to focus your efforts in the right direction. Job Search Sites There are three types of job search websites, general job boards, niche industry job boards, and aggregators.

Wiser Workers: Overcoming the Misconceptions

Karl Giles

Improve your job seeking techniques in 4 steps Job seekers around the country — whether you are a teenager looking for summer employment, a recent college graduate, or a mid level professional looking to change fields — all face challenges in today’s economy.

Work or Graduate School?

Melissa Sayers

College students face a tough choice

Like many college graduates, I thought the hard part was over once I received my degree. I was wrong. After graduating from Ohio State University in June I'm now faced with the toughest decision yet: do I go to graduate school and further my education or continue to look for a job at a time when, let's be honest, jobs are scarce? The problem is that colleges are an academic cocoon.

Work Stress Management Techniques

Karl Giles

The first way to combat work associated stress is to pinpoint the cause. Not all stress is bad but since it can develop from a combination of things in your life including emotional and physical issues, it could be any challenge or threat that overloads your well-being.