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Company Profile

Novolex™ is a family of North American based historic packaging brands that includes Hilex Poly®; Duro Bag®; Bagcraft® Packaging; De Luxe® Packaging; General Packaging Products; International Converter; Novolex™ Custom Film & Bag (formerly AccuTech®, Direct Plastics® and Hilex Poly® Garland), Heritage Bag® and Burrows Packaging™.

The Novolex™ name is based on the latin “NOVO” for new and “LEX” a tip of the hat to Hilex Poly®, the first brand to become part of the family. The blue and red of our logo represents the integration of both paper and plastic into our sustainability platform with red and blue being the legacy corporate colors of Hilex Poly® and Duro Bag®respectively.

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