• DBI Services

Company Profile

Founded in 1978 in the coal mining region of Northeast Pennsylvania, brothers Neal and Paul DeAngelo started DBi Services as a small commercial residential maintenance company working for a few friends and neighbors.  Through years of hard work with an unyielding commitment to providing quality service and customer satisfaction, DBi Services has grown into its current position as a global leader in infrastructure operations and maintenance.

Utilizing experienced industry professionals, advanced technologies and an award-winning equipment fleet, DBi Services provides a full suite of quality maintenance services for outcome-driven, performance-based bundled services contracts, as well as single/multiple-activity contracts for the following infrastructure owners/types: Energy, Environmental, Government, Industrial, Retail, Structures, Technology, and Transportation.

Since 1978, DBi Services has grown dramatically without losing its friendly work environment or losing sight of its core values. By creating a diverse set of businesses and investing in the growth of our people, DBi has developed a culture of continuous learning, led by our in-house training professionals. As the company has grown, many of our employees have taken on greater challenges and opportunities, enhancing their careers domestically and internationally.

Our rapid growth and global diversification continually creates exciting employment opportunities. DBi promotes and rewards employees based on merit; as a result, hard-working and talented individuals rise quickly within the organization.

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