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About E.L. Hollingsworth & Co.

E.L. Hollingsworth & Co. has been hauling freight since 1924. This company had one of the first operating authorities in trucking granted in 1941. E.L. Hollingsworth has a long history in transportation and together will continue MOVING FORWARD.

Today E.L. Hollingsworth offers truckload services, ground expedite, asset & non asset-based 3PL services, complete 3PL management partnerships and warehousing, assembly & FTZ services.

A Native American owned and operated company dedicated to consistently meeting and exceeding their customer's expectations by using the most comprehensive logistics software available to the transportation industry. An extensive national fleet and terminal/warehouse network makes E.L. Hollingsworth highly responsive to routine requirements and extremely adaptable in fast-changing or unusual situations.

With nearly a century of logistics and transportation experience, E.L. Hollingsworth can save you time and money by helping you streamline and drive efficiency into your supply chain.

Quality, technology, savings and long term solutions is what you can expect.

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