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The Novolex™ name is based on the latin “NOVO” for new and “LEX” a tip of the hat to Hilex Poly, the first brand to become part of the family.  The blue and red of our logo represents the integration of both paper and plastic into our sustainability platform with red and blue being the legacy corporate colors of Hilex Poly® and Duro Bag® respectively.

Novolex’s™ values are based in the traditions of all of our brands and present you with the industry’s foremost in packaging choice and sustainability. Novolex’s™ mission is to continue the tradition of leadership established by our brands, and to create new value and synergies by providing you with an industry-leading packaging expert that covers the full spectrum of your operations.

Novolex™ directly employs more than 5,000 people at 37 facilities in the United States as well as 3 in Canada and one in Mexico. From our Hilex Poly® brand North Vernon, IN plastic retail bag manufacturing  and bag and film recycling facilities, to our BagCraft® brand food packaging facility in the City of Commerce, CA or our Duro Bag® brand paper bag manufacturing hub in Richwood, KY our team is here to support you with innovative, high quality, and  sustainable packaging choices.

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