• Pleasant Trucking

Company Profile

Pleasant Trucking, Inc. is a Pennsylvania Corporation domiciled in Connellsville, Fayette County, PA, approximately 50 miles Southeast of Pittsburgh, PA. 

Our President and controlling stockholder is Nancy Morrow.  Pleasant Trucking, Inc. started operations on October 1, 1988.  Key Administrative Personnel with extensive background and experience in the trucking industry were hired to give Pleasant its administrative strength and foundation.

The John Morrow family has extensive experience in the trucking business and prior to the formation of Pleasant, was involved with Suwak Trucking Company, Washington, PA.  In 1987, the Morrows formed a Corporation known as Morrow, Inc. who assumed control of the operations of Suwak.  Subsequently, in 1988, Suwak was sold to Holmes Transportation, Inc. of Westboro, MA and that is the primary reason that Pleasant Trucking, Inc. was established.   Since 1988, Pleasant Trucking, Inc. has continued to serve the accounts that were developed by the John Morrow Family while adding many new customers. 

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