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  2. Feb 05, 2018
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Ernst Concrete is hiring for a Mechanic job in Atlanta,GA

Ernst Enterprises of Georgia Inc. and Ernst Cobb County Inc.

Job Description Mechanic

Job Identification

Diagnose, adjust, repair or overhaul mobile mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic
equipment. This position reports to the Fleet Supervisor.

Mechanic Essential Job Functions

  • Perform skilled repair and maintenance operations using equipment such as hand and power tools, hydraulic presses and shears, and welding equipment.
  • Diagnose faults or malfunctions to determine required repairs, using engine diagnostic equipment such as computerized test equipment and calibration devices.
  • Examine parts for damage or excessive wear
  • Dismantle and reassemble heavy equipment using hoists and hand tools.
  • Inspect, test and measure completed work using devices such as hand tools and gauges to verify conformance to standards and repair requirements.
  • Clean, lubricate and perform other routine maintenance work on equipment and vehicles.
  • Assemble gear systems and align frames and gears.
  • Fit bearings to adjust, repair, or overhaul mobile mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic equipment.
  • Weld or solder broken parts and structural members using electric or gas welders and soldering tools.
  • Clean parts by spraying them with grease solvent or immersing them in tanks of solvent.
  • Record maintenance and repair information.

Mechanic Job Requirements

  • Must be able to read, write and speak English.
  • Must be able to communicate with Management, Supervisors and Peers.
  • Must be able to do math, such as addition, subtraction, fractions and percentages.
  • Must be able to determine and accomplish tasks, priorities and goals without supervision.
  • Must be able to operate vehicles, mechanical devices and equipment in a safe and effective manner.
  • Must have and maintain a valid Georgia drivers license.

Mechanic Physical Demands

  • Requires you walk, stand, and sit.
  • Requires use of hands and fingers to handle and feel.
  • Required to climb, balance, kneel, crouch and crawl.
  • Requires use of hearing and smell.
  • Requires ability to lift up to 110 pounds.
  • Requires the ability to push and pull items with 100 pounds of force.
  • Requires ability to identify and distinguish colors visually.
  • Requires peripheral vision with the ability to observe an area they can be seen up and down or left and right while eyes are fixed at a given point.
  • Requires depth perception which includes three-dimensional vision ability to judge distance and spatial relationships.

Mechanic Environmental Conditions

  • Weather conditions such as temperature, moisture and other conditions have a significant impact on the job. This must be tolerated, with or without reasonable accommodations, being exposed frequently to extreme weather conditions.
  • There are high noise levels and significant vibration associated with this position.
  • This may be caused by the truck and equipment and jobsite noise.
  • There are other physical hazards that endanger life, health or bodily injury, such as proximity to moving, mechanical parts, falls from elevated heights, environmental conditions, moving equipment and other hazards.
  • The is also exposure to cement, lime, concrete admixtures, dust, diesel fuel and other substances which may be toxic, cause burns or be explosive.
  • Requires working indoors in non-controlled environmental conditions.
  • Requires working in a closed vehicle or equipment.

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