Direct Care Staff

  1. Detroit,MI
  2. Oct 15, 2018
  3. Healthcare : Direct Care Staff

Pappalardo AP, Inc. is hiring for a Direct Care Staff job in Detroit,MI

Direct Care Staff

Benefits include;

  • Medical, dental, vision, life and short term disability insurance. 
  • Seven paid holidays (double time). 
  • 50 hours of All Purpose time per year.


Required :

Must meet all general employment requirements.

Preferred :

  • Previous association with and participation in residential treatment program.
  • One year of previous experience with persons with developmental disabilities.
  • Knowledge and skills required to assist in the operation of a household, such as cooking, simple maintenance, clothing care, shopping and housekeeping.

WAGES:    Determined at time of hire.


Client needs, care, health and safety:

  • Provide, assist or guide basic client care.  (dependent upon client’s level of functioning) including but not limited to toileting, bathing and skin care, tooth-brushing, hair and nail care, eating/feeding, dressing and shopping.
  • Monitor clients for signs and symptoms of illness and/or injury, being sure to document such in record and report to supervisor.
  • Assist medical care, including proper administration and documentation of medications, monitoring vital signs as indicated, assisting with medical appointments, prescription filling and other duties incidental to client health care.
  • Know and follow emergency home procedures for fire, tornado, accidents and unusual incidents affecting the welfare of home clients.

Household maintenance and tasks:

  • Provide meals in compliance with the home menu plan, including such duties as food purchasing as needed, food preparation, food storage and clean up procedures.
  • Perform maintenance tasks as assigned as well as respond to maintenance emergencies.  Assigned maintenance tasks include, but are not limited to, basic cleaning, yard work, appliance care, minor repairs, laundry and clothing repair and vehicle maintenance.
  • Provide transportation via the home vehicle to client workshops and all other activities as needed.
  • Supervise, guide or assist clients, according to their level of functioning, in the completion of household tasks assigned to clients where applicable.

Client programs and individual plans of service:

  • Guide or assist clients with activities and programs as provided in their individual plans of service and daily activity schedules.
  • Aid in planning, proposing, implementing and evaluating client’s programs and activities to enhance the development of more independent lifestyles for the home clients.
  • Follow program procedures as specified in individuals Goal Attainment Plans and document clients’ program progress as determined in each plan.

Client recreation:

  • Assist in planning, transporting, supervising and involving clients in recreational outings.
  • Gain a working knowledge of organizations offering programming of special interest to our clients.
  • Observe and learn individual client’s likes and dislikes and apply this knowledge when choosing recreational outings.

Home Administration:

  • Document on all necessary forms for all incidents pertaining to the home operations includingvisitors log, incident reports, medical emergencies, progress notes and all other requested paperwork.
  • Communicate important details occurring on your shift to the next shift verbally as well asthrough the house log.
  • Assist in maintaining 24 hour coverage for home clients in cases of staff illnesses or failure to report.

Other duties :  Assist with those duties incidental to the operation of a group home facility as needed.

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