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  1. Walton,KY
  2. Feb 16, 2018
  3. Manufacturing : Management

1 Duro Way - Walton, Kentucky, 41094

Novolex is hiring for a Adjuster Supervisor job in Walton,KY


All qualified applicants are hired as Novolex employees.      

* No temporary agency involvement.*

Duro Bag, a Novolex Company is currently seeking applicants for a Adjustor Supervisor position at our Richwood, KY location.

The paper bag business is highly competitive.  To succeed, Duro must operate its plants as efficiently and safely as possible, and react quickly to customer demands and other contingencies.  Therefore, Duro believes it is important to have the supervisory authority in the plant as close to the production process as possible because many decisions that affect efficiency and responsiveness are better made there.  This role is fulfilled by Duro’s Adjuster Supervisors. Each Adjuster Supervisor is responsible for the management of a specific group of machines, work area or function.  The Adjuster Supervisor is responsible for the supervision and performance of the employees who work in his or her area.  The Adjuster Supervisor is responsible for the quality and quantity of the work produced in his or her area. The Adjuster Supervisor assigns, directs, disciplines, trains, develops and evaluates the performance of production employees; supervises the training and evaluation of new employees and affects whether they are retained, promoted, or terminated; directs production and handles all of the many contingencies that occur during a shift.  The Adjuster Supervisor performs, or directs others to perform, the duties of an adjuster, including managing job changes, performing mechanical adjustments, and, when necessary, repairs.

Adjuster Supervisor Benefits include:

  • Weekly Pay Check
  • Advancement Opportunities
  • Competitive Wage & Benefits, including Medical, Dental, & 401k
  • 11 Paid Holidays & Vacation Pay based on years of service


  • Conduct all affairs Lawfully
  • Display Integrity and Honesty  in all actions
  • Treat everyone with Respect and Dignity
  • Work cooperatively to create continuous improvements to deliver customer satisfaction and maximize operation efficiency
  • Produce overall results that create real value for the Company
  • Address where appropriate and report all non-compliance issues to your supervisor
  • Maintain and promote a positive attitude toward subordinates to maintain and enhance Company image


  • Comply, and ensure that subordinates comply,  with all Federal, State, & Local laws, rules, and regulations relating to Safety and Environmental Compliance
  • Comply, and ensure that subordinates comply,  with Plant Safety and Housekeeping rules and procedures
  • Actively engage in activities that support accident prevention and environmental compliance
  • Immediately report any UNSAFE CONDITION, NEAR MISS, work related injury, or illness to the supervisor
  • Conduct and promote safe working behaviors to strive for an injury free work environment


  • Comply with Plant Quality related rules, practices, and procedures to maximize customer satisfaction
  • Actively support quality initiatives that continuously improve and drive value into our products and processes
  • Address where appropriate and report any violation of the Plant quality rules, practices, and procedures to the supervisor


  • Comply, and ensure that subordinates comply,  with established plant rules and procedures that promote compliance with customer service related activities, including, but not limited to:
  • Following run-order specifications for each product
  • Following all Good Manufacturing Practices in compliance with all Food Safety Requirements
  • Actively engage in value-added activities that enhance our products and processes


  • Understand, administer and enforce all corporate and plant safety and compliance rules applicable to employees under direct supervision.
  • Utilize lockout/tagout as required and ensure employees are following all procedures as specified;  Ensure guarding is in place at all times.
  • Monitor and ensure employees have a safe work environment.
  • Ensure total compliance with all OSHA and EPA regulations.
  • Monitor and ensure that all employees in assigned area are following all applicable food safety policies and procedures.
  • Continually monitor all aspects of quality, ensuring all corporate and plant management quality procedures are followed, thus improving quality and meeting waste standards.
  • Meet or exceed production goals set by management.
  • Serve as first line supervisor for production and preprint employees on assigned machines to ensure all company goals and objectives are met.   Hold operators accountable for performing all job assignments.
  • Assign employees to production lines and make sure all machines are running per standards set by management.
  • Continually monitor all waste in assigned area, making sure it meets plant management waste standards and goals.
  • Understand labor agreement and company policies and procedures and hold employees on shift accountable according to the guidelines set forth in the agreement and by management.
  • Evaluate employee performances, and administer counseling and/or disciplinary action, making sure that recurring problems are brought to the attention of Shift Supervisor or Production Manager.
  • Evaluate newly hired employees and make recommendations to Shift Supervisor and/or Human Resources Manager as to retraining and retention.
  • Train new employees or assign them to workers to be trained.


  • Must have good eyesight (no colorblindness) in order to spot flaws in color comparison, print set-up, etc. as bags come off the production line.  Will be tested for vision and color acuity during pre-employment physical.
  • Must have good understanding of how machines work in order to anticipate and avoid production and mechanical difficulties, clean, adjust and make repairs.
  • Should have good communication skills and work well with others since position works in a supervisory capacity.
  • Must have general record-keeping and math skills in order to maintain records.  Must be able to correctly read a ruler.
  • Must demonstrate complete understanding of labor agreement and enforcement.
  • Should take approximately three months to learn basic components of position.
  • Must be able to work required hours to include 12 hour continuous shift work.


  • High school degree is preferred, or equivalent industrial work experience.
  • Will need two to five years machine set up or adjusting experience to handle job responsibilities.

JUDGEMENT REQUIRED: Will make decisions about work placement (retain or release) and discipline for employees.  Will make decisions about quality being produced on line, and about machine adjustments and repairs.  If flaws are discovered, must bring them to the attention of Shift Supervisor or Production Manager.  Must keep management informed of employee and line progress.  Must manage employees, equipment, and production under his or her supervision to achieve production goals safely. ERRORS AND THEIR CONSEQUENCES: Errors can result in flawed bags, poor quality print, excessive waste, understaffed lines, packaging problems, safety and equipment problems, employee conflicts, etc. which may lead to loss of productivity or loss of business.  Safety and supervisory errors may cause danger to employees, low morale, legal charges and related problems. EQUIPMENT USED: Must be familiar with or must learn to use all types of bag machinery, printers, collators, presses, patch units, strappers and other equipment as used within the plant.

WORKING CONDITIONS AND PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENT: Working conditions – industrial manufacturing environment.  Person is regularly exposed to dirt, dust, noise and fumes.  Plants are not air conditioned and may be hot and humid in the summer.  Plant may be drafty and have cold spots in the winter.  Person may be required to go outside in inclement weather.

  • Lift and carry 50 pounds varies per shift
  • Push and pulling paper roll-stock weighing over 1,000 pounds
  • Reach above and below the shoulders varies per shift
  • Standing and walking continuously on concrete floor per shift
  • Use of fingers/hands high frequency per shift
  • Bending, kneeling, crawling and climbing occasionally per shift
  • Ability to hear and see well
  • No color blindness and good depth perception

Interested in the Adjuster Supervisor position, click the "Apply Now" button, then select the Careers tab. Under Searching for Openings select Walton, KY (WAL) and Click view jobs.

To Apply in Person Mon - Fri 9am -  3pm at  1 Duro Way, Walton, KY (We’re located right down the road from the Richwood Flea Market).

 If you have questions, call us toll free: 1-844- 201-1833, leave a message and we will return your call.


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