Overnight Stockers

  1. Wentzville,MO
  2. Nov 18, 2017
  3. Retail : Stock Clerk

3055 Bear Creek Drive - Wentzville, Missouri, 63385

Overnight Stocker

A subsidiary of Walmart, Sam’s Club regularly needs to hire entry-level job seekers to fill stocking positions. Primary job duties for stockers include loading and unloading delivery trucks, breaking down boxes, stocking shelves, and organizing backroom storage areas. Applicants must possess the ability to lift heavy objects and perform manual labor in order to gain employment consideration. Energetic, motivated, and dedicated workers typically perform well during the Sam’s Club hiring process. Training involves a few weeks of verbal and visual orientation. Hands-on demonstration may also prove necessary, in some cases.

Salary and CompensationMost stock associates work part-time for Sam’s Club. Average weekly hours range from 20 to 30. Pay starts around minimum wage and ranges up to about $11:00 per hour, depending on location and time spent with the company. More experienced stock employees may receive promotions into supervisory or managerial roles with the retail chain. Qualified Sam’s Club workers earn several work benefits. Typical employment benefits packages with Sam’s Club include 401(k) retirement plans, discounts on store merchandise, paid vacation time, and healthcare coverage. Salary options, hiring requirements, and employee benefits generally vary by department store location.

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