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Royal Crest Dairy is hiring for a Drivers job in Denver,CO

Overnight Delivery Drivers

Position Objective:  To deliver the highest quality product to home delivery customers, while maintaining service excellence, exceeding customer expectations and keeping routes profitable and efficient,  and maintaining the highest level of safety.

General Skills Required:   Knowledge of basic math; ability to read and write the English language; operations of straight truck with standard transmission; good communication skill, and map reading skills.  Must meet D.O.T. requirements.

Machine(s)/ Materials Used on the Job:   Delivery vehicle (straight truck), pen and/or pencil, shovel, flashlight (preferably a Headlight).  Use of hand-held computers to facilitate delivery, customer billing and inventory management.

General Description:   Loading and unloading of delivery vehicle, deliver approximately 40 different products to 150 – 200 residential customers per day, plus some possible wholesale deliveries.

Environmental Factors:  Delivery to residential communities in Colorado on a graveyard shift while walking/ jogging on uneven/slippery and wet surfaces, climbing steps/stairs and delivering in all weather conditions.

Position Responsibilities:

Truck Operation and Safety : Each route driver will be trained to properly operate and maintain a Royal Crest Dairy vehicle.  It is the driver’s responsibility to keep the vehicle clean and to notify the garage of any repairs needed or vehicle deficiencies.  All driving and safety policies will be explained and covered during training. Drivers are expected to follow all policies on a daily basis and take responsibility for their own safety.  Route supervisors will randomly safety check each driver to ensure all policies are being followed.

Load Out : Each night the driver is responsible for loading his/her own truck. There are two steps in loading, returns and fresh product. Each driver will have a load out time at a return dock. The returns (product not delivered the previous day) are loaded on the truck and organized. Once all returns are loaded on the truck the driver then will pull into the fresh docks. Once at the fresh dock, a cooler employee will send out the load of fresh product for that route based on the order placed by the driver on the previous day. The driver will verify that he/she received all product ordered. The fresh product is loaded on the truck, and organized with the returns. It is the driver’s responsibility to make sure all product is properly rotated to ensure that all return product is the first to be delivered that night. Once the truck is loaded the load is then secured with a load bar to keep it from shifting through the night.

Icing : It is the driver’s responsibility to deliver the freshest product possible. Milk is very temperature sensitive and the temperature must be maintained below 40 degrees to ensure the quality of the product. After loading the driver will pull their truck to an ice house and ice down their entire load. He/she will also fill crates with ice in order to replenish through the night, ice every customer’s milk box, and ice their returns before returning to the dairy. Every driver is responsible for keeping the product below 40 degrees. Route supervisors will conduct at least two temperature checks per week. Any driver that has product over 40 degrees will have that product pulled from their load and the cost of the product will be deducted from their wages.

Deliveries : Delivering is the most important part of the driver job; every delivery needs to exceed the customers’ expectations. Delivery starts with ordering product. Each night a driver needs to carry enough products to deliver all customers accurately. A driver needs to order according to the history for each day and account for any new customers on their route. When delivering all orders need to be filled accurately and all products delivered fresh and with containers or packaging clean. When delivering a driver needs to be as quiet as possible during the time of delivery our customers are sleeping and so are their neighbors. All customers must be served by 6:30AM, no exceptions. During the night it will be necessary to reorganize the load. This is called a load shift. When doing a load shift the driver needs to find a remote area so as not to disturb people who are sleeping. Parking lots of schools, gas stations or grocery stores are ideal for doing a load shift. The purpose of the load shift is reorganizing the load so that all product remains within reach and empty bottles and crates are worked to the back of the truck.

Running out of Product:  If a driver runs out of any product that the customer orders it is their responsibility to leave the customer an “I shall  Return” note and meet with another driver to get the product needed and redeliver to the customer after completing the rest of their route.

End of Route:  Once the route is completed, the driver will call and see if any drivers need product in their area and meet other drivers. Drivers will then find a remote area in their route to count all products remaining on the truck (returns). It is important to count all returns accurately and to check code dates on all products. All returns are inventoried and entered into the handheld. Once the inventory is complete, the driver then ices the returns and organizes the load for unloading at the dairy. The driver will need to stay in their route area until a designated time based on their service and visit any “stop no check” customer and try to resume the account.

Sales:  Sales are an optional part of the job but highly recommended. Each driver will be fully trained on selling for home delivery if interested. There is a monthly bonus program for any driver that brings in new customer sales.

End of Shift:  Each driver will place an order in their handheld for the next delivery day, taking into account past history, any new customers starting that day, and the capability to trade product to other drivers if necessary. When returning to the dairy the driver will unload all empty crates, bottles, recycled containers, and trash from their truck.  After unloading empties the driver will then unload the returns in their designated return cages.  All ice should be removed from all products. Once the truck is unloaded, the driver is responsible for cleaning the inside of the truck. The dash, dog house, and floors (both front and back) need to be cleaned daily. The driver is responsible for making sure the truck is fueled, a walk around inspection of the truck is completed, and a DOT form is filled out and turned in.  During fueling the driver needs to fill out a work order on any truck deficiencies and report them to the mechanic on duty.  After fueling the driver parks the truck in its designated parking space and the truck key is turned in.  Once in the drivers’ room the driver will check out with a supervisor or route manager.  At check out the driver will turn in the hand held and provide information on their shift  i.e.: finish time, number of stops, specials, anything suspicious? etc…

Wholesale : Some of the home delivery routes also deliver some wholesale accounts.  The driver will be properly trained to deliver any wholesale accounts based on the customers’ specifications.  All wholesale accounts are to be delivered with the same quality and professionalism as on home delivery and according to wholesale protocol (attached).

Uniform and Appearance:  All drivers are expected to be in proper uniform daily and to always maintain a professional appearance.  The driver uniform is a Royal Crest Dairy shirt, navy blue pants (no jeans) and company-approved boots.  If a driver chooses to wear a cap it must be a Royal Crest Dairy cap. At no time may a driver wear any hat, sweatshirt or jacket with any other logo other than Royal Crest Dairy.  All drivers are to be clean shaven daily.  If a beard of mustache is worn, it is to be neatly trimmed and within company guidelines. All uniforms must be clean and in good repair.  During winter conditions drivers may wear snow pants, warm hats and sorrel boots.

Physical Requirements Include:

Lifting and Carrying :  50lbs. on an occasional basis during loading and unloading, approximately 30-60 minutes per day.

Walking/Jogging and Carrying :  up to 30 lbs. of product carried from truck to customer's milk box, 4-6 hours per day, servicing approximately 150-200 customers per night.

Pushing and Pulling :  200lbs. during loading and unloading for approximately 30-60 minutes per day.

Reaching and Lifting :  4 to 60 lbs. during load shifts and deliveries for approximately 4-6 hours per day.I

In and Out of Truck : approximately 200-400 times per day.

Shoveling Ice :  Up to 60 lbs. for approximately 30 minutes per day, as weather dictates.

Standing, Walking, Jogging, Running, Carrying, Stooping, Bending :  Approximately 6-8 hours per day

Sitting :  Approximately 2-3 hours per day.

Mental Requirements:

  • Self-discipline
  • Ability to work alone and unsupervised, but be part of a successful team
  • Organizational skills
  • Ability to follow rules, protocols established for many years
  • Customer service attitude and follow-through
  • Communication skills
  • Ability to think and solve problems independently
  • Willingness to learn and accept correction and coaching without getting defensive

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