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  1. Colorado Springs,CO
  2. Aug 31, 2017
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1385 Ford St. - Colorado Springs, Colorado, 80915

Royal Crest Dairy is hiring for a Sales Representative job in Colorado Springs,CO

Sales Representative

Position Objective: This position is Base + Commission To inform potential customers of the benefits of Royal Crest Diary and sign up new customers to help promote company growth while representing the company in a respectable manner.

General Skills Required: Knowledge of basic math; ability to read and write the English language; operations of straight truck with standard and automatic transmission; good communications skills; and map reading skills. MUST have a good driving record; potential candidates with 6+ points on their MVR need not apply. Must meet D.O.T. Physical requirements.

Machine(s)/ Materials Used on the Job: Straight truck, pen and/ or pencil, shovel.

General Description: Solicit new customers by walking door to door in an assigned route area.

Environmental Factors: Work subject to all types of variable weather conditions known to Colorado. Approximately 90% of work performed outdoors

Work Days and Hours: All sales reps work Monday – Friday with options to work Saturdays, Farmers Markets, and other sales events. Summer work hours are from 11:00am – 7:30pm, winter work hours are 9:00am – 6:00pm.

Position Responsibilities:

Truck Operation and Safety: Each Sale Representative will be trained to properly operate and maintain a Royal Crest Dairy vehicle. It is the Sales Reps responsibility to keep the vehicle clean and to notify the garage of any repairs needed or vehicle deficiencies. All driving and safety policies will be explained and covered during training. Sales Reps are expected to follow all policies on a daily basis and take responsibility for their own safety. Sales supervisors will randomly safety check each driver to ensure all policies are being followed.

Load Out: Each day the Sales Rep is responsible for loading his/her own truck. It is the Sales Reps responsibility to make sure all products are properly rotated to ensure that all products are fresh. Once the truck is loaded, the coolers must be secure to keep it from sliding around the truck.

Icing: It is the Sales Reps responsibility to represent the company to the best possible manner by keeping the product as fresh as possible. Milk is very temperature sensitive and the temperature must be maintained below 40 degrees to ensure the quality of the product. After loading the Sales Rep will pull their truck to an ice house and shovel in the ice to cover their entire load. He/she will also fill creates with ice in order to replenish through the day.

Soliciting: Soliciting is the most important part of the Sales Rep job; while out soliciting you are the face of the company and must represent it above customer expectations and beliefs. Each day a Sales Rep needs to carry enough products for samples for all potential customers. A Sales Rep needs to make sure to order a mixture of all products available for samples, so as not to exclude anyone’s tastes. When soliciting all products should be fresh and the containers or packaging clean.

Running out of Product: If a Sales Rep runs out of any product that the potential customer would like to sample it is their responsibility to set up another time or day that they can return with the correct product, unless the potential customer is ok with sampling another product.

End of Shift: Each sales rep will place an order for the next day, taking into account that they must have all sample products available for a potential customer. When returning to the dairy the Sales Rep will unload all empty crates, bottles recycled containers and trash from their truck. All ice should be removed from all products in the dock areas only. Once the truck is unloaded the Sales Rep is responsible for cleaning the inside of the truck daily. The dash, dog house and floors (both front and back) need to be cleaned daily. The Sales Rep is responsible for making sure the truck is fueled, a walk around inspection of the truck is completed and a DOT form is filled out completely and turned in. During fueling the sales rep needs to fill out a work order on any truck deficiencies and report them to the mechanic on duty. After fueling the driver parks the truck in its designated parking space and the truck key is turned in. Once in the sales room the rep will check out with a supervisor or manager. At check out the sales rep will turn in all completed applications, CCP forms and product order forms.

Uniform and Appearance: All Sales Reps are expected to be in proper uniform daily and to always maintain a professional appearance. The sales uniform is a Royal Crest Dairy shirt, tan pants (no jeans), or company approved tan shorts, and company-approved boots. If a Sales Rep chooses to wear a cap it must be a Royal Crest Dairy cap. At no time may a sales rep wear any hat, sweatshirt or jacket with any other logo other that Royal Crest Dairy. All sales reps are to be clean shaven daily. If a beard or mustache is worn, it is to be neatly trimmed and within company guidelines. All uniforms must be clean and in good repair. During winter conditions drivers may wear snow pants, warm hats, and sorrel boots.

Physical Requirements:

Lifting and Carrying: Up to 20 lbs, several hours per day, 20-60 lbs, several times per day

Walking and Carrying: 5 to 25 lbs, several hours per day

In and Out of Truck: Several hours per day

Sitting and Driving: Several hours per day

Mental Requirements:

  • Self-discipline
  • Ability to work alone and unsupervised, but be part of a successful team
  • Organizational skills
  • Ability to follow rules, protocols established for many years
  • Customer service attitude and follow-through
  • Communication skills
  • Ability to think and solve problems independently
  • Willingness to learn and accept correction and coaching without getting defensive

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