Farmers Insurance Retail West Agent Program

  1. Tacoma,WA
  2. Sep 02, 2017
  3. Government : Military

The Retail program is designed to attract capitalized entrepreneurs seeking a start-up opportunity that maximizes their ROI and provides the financial support to rapidly grow.

The Ideal Candidate ??

- Proven background in building and managing a business venture ??

-The desire to build a business legacy to monetize or pass on ??

-Decisions made with ROI and cash flow in mind ??

-Values University of Farmers and best in class learning and development opportunities

-Self-Motivation and Independence ??

-Effective time-management skills and self-reliance to accomplish goals ??

-The ability to identify and focus on priorities Communication Skills ??

-The ability to inspire as well as listen and learn from others ??

-Leadership and people management skills

Performance ??

-The motivation to work hard and take risks to achieve financial success ?? -

-Willing and able to make investments into business opportunity for future gain ??

The willingness to accept responsibility for personal success and failures

The Process

-Assets ??- Minimum of $50,000 in seasoned investable assets

-Licensing and Training -?? Property and Casualty, Life and Health licenses prior to  agent appointment ??

-Training Milestones and Assessments Background Check ??

-Satisfactory results of background check

-Approval of 5-year business plan and cash flow projection

-Branded Office Location ??

-Office location fully equipped and compliant with Farmers SMART Office standards 

-Minimum of 1 licensed and appointed agency staff member (with second licensed and appointed staff required within  6 months of appointment)

The Benefits

- Economic Interest ?...products offered are needed by consumers

-Contract Value according to the terms of the appointment agreement 

-Sale of Service and Commission Rights ??

-Immediate ability to sell service and commission rights

-Office Start-up Bonus Program ??

--$10,000 bonus for office startup expenses

--Agency Lead Generation Bonus Program ??

--Up to $5,000 bonus for lead generation expenses

-Annual New Business Premium Bonus ??

--6% paid on rolling 12-month new business

-Agent Eligible Premium ??

-Annual bonuses paid on Life and Commercial premiums subject to caps

-Monthly New Business Premium Bonus ??

--Monthly bonus % paid on qualified new business premium ??

--All agents start at Tier C bonus level for first quarter and then Tiers are determined by prior quarter performance...this will be expained and shown at initial interview

-? Monthly bonuses paid on Life and Commercial premiums subject to caps

Full-time, Contract

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