Farmers Insurance District Associate Agent

  1. Tacoma,WA
  2. Sep 02, 2017
  3. Government : Military

1. Upon completion of an interview and hiring by the District Manager, the candidate will then need to have an approved Background Investigation done within 24hrs, successful licensing within 30 days and completion of all required modules with 1 week after licensing.   

2. Once completed, the Associate Agent will receive a base salary of $1,000 + New Business (NBS) Commissions/per month for 90 days.  

3. The following are some of the requirements, however, more detailed requirements will be added as this program grows with success, of what will be required of the Associate Agent: 

a. Required to quote 35 customers per week 
b. Required to write a minimum of 18 P/C policies and 1 Life monthly 
c. Required to write 225 P/C Policies and 25 Life within 2yrs of start of program.  If   successful, Agent may transition to any other Entry-point with any capital requirements  waived 
d. Attend all District Training on Thursdays, 10am - 12am and the 3rd     Tuesday of every  Month from 9am - 12pm and, if applicable, 1pm - 4pm for FFS agents/staff only  
e. Solicits and writes new business for his/her specialist department 
f. Coordinates with the agent and/or operations manager to provide assistance in   determining proper coverage 
g. Provides underwriting and rating for new accounts 
h. Maintains knowledge of new products and initiatives.  Pursues a program for development  of personal and business skills 
i. Actively solicits expiration dates from new clients and prospects 
j. Develops agency relationship with existing clients 
k. Meets the production requirements and goals assigned by the agent or agency manager 
l. Maintains monthly sales record and provides a copy for review to the agent and/or   operations manager 
m. Must follow District 10 Recipe for success, no exceptions!  

4. After 90 days if all above requirements are being met, the Associate Agent will continue to receive 100% NBS Commissions PLUS 100% match on those NBS Commissions, up to $1,000 match/per month. The NBS Match will replace the salary of $1, 000.00.

Please email your resume to Al Schilling at if you are interested in applying for this position or go online to to have a recruiter contact you back.


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