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  1. Las Vegas,NV
  2. Sep 08, 2017
  3. Healthcare : General Healthcare


This position gathers pre-treatment patient data, monitors patient and medications during procedures, maintains prescription drug logs, and provides assistance to the clinical team during pre- and post-procedure activities.





The following duties and responsibilities generally reflect the expectations of this position but are not intended to be all inclusive.

  • Provide ongoing patient information to the interventionist and clinical team during procedures to deliver vascular access care to the patient including but not limited to cardiac monitoring, aldrete score, pain status

    • Monitor patient vitals (HR, BP, O2Sat, EKG) during procedures

  • Maintain radiation safety when C-Arm is in use in the procedure room

  • Assist in procedure room preparation; maintain sterile techniques in the procedure room; assist with pre-and post-procedures including assessment of discharge

  • Assist in recovery room patient care following vascular access procedures 

  • Monitor and record use of all medications during procedures

  • Gather patient clinical information prior to procedures including patient assessments and patient history

  • Keep clear and accurate patient medical records

  • Maintain up-to-date narcotic drug log

  • Serve as surgical technologist during procedures as necessary

  • Assist center manager in maintaining inventory count

  • Communicate with dialysis facilities to monitor post-care as directed by center manager

  • Observe all OSHA and radiation safety monitoring policies

  • Assist in moving patients within the center

  • Assist in scheduling patients as directed by the center manager

  • Participate in access center community education programs

  • Other duties and responsibilities as assigned including but not limited to:

    • Attend team meetings, phone conferences, and training as needed

    • Work in other centers as needed

    • Know, understand, and follow teammate guidelines, employment policies, and department or company procedures

    • Know, understand, and comply with all Lifeline clinical and business policies and procedures

  • Consistent, regular, punctual attendance as scheduled is an essential responsibility of this position

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