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  1. Plymouth,MI
  2. Sep 08, 2017
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Admiration is hiring for a Direct Care Workers job in Plymouth,MI

Position Summary
Assist individuals with intellectual, developmental and/or physical disabilities, in their personal care and daily living activities.

Major Duties and Responsibilities

• Ensure the social development of residents by performing/modeling household tasks and daily living tasks; demonstrating each task in step-by-step process.
• Serve as Role Model/Advocate to client and community base. (the clients you support may want to imitate you, your actions, speech, dress attire, and/or music choices).
     o Support and Encourage: Aid the clients in making and achieving their goals. Help clients understand the repercussions of a mistake and how to learn and grow from experiences. Lead the clients and aid in building confidence in their abilities and support them in achieving their goals and dreams.
     o Advocate. Become the voice of clients you help and support. Plead, support, defend, and promote their cause or point of view. The community and general public will often observe and report how clients are being treated. Always be mindful of who you serve.

• Housekeeping: Maintain a clean and welcoming space. When possible, involve the clients in caring for their home. Encourage client participation, but note if clients are unable or unwilling to do household tasks’ it will be the responsibility of the DCW to ensure all housekeeping tasks are fulfilled.

• Medication Administration: Administer proper dosage of medication as prescribed by Clients’ physicians.

• Cook: Prepare meals and snacks for clients. Clients who have had the appropriate training may assist with food preparation and are encouraged to do so. Follow prescribed food preparation and handling guidelines at all times.

• Health Care Assistant: Help individuals with bathing, dressing, eating, shaving, hair care, tooth brushing, etc., according to the abilities of each individual. Individuals should be guided, trained and encouraged to perform personal care for themselves as much as possible. Responsible for observing and reporting changes in client’s health (mental and physical) to supervisor or home manger.
• Driver: With a valid driver’s license, DCW will transport clients to work, doctor’s appointments, day programs, activities, stores, family’s home, etc.

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