Dog Wrangler

  1. Kirkland,WA
  2. Nov 30, 2017
  3. Childcare/Daycare : Daycare Attendant

12532 NE 124th St - Kirkland, Washington, 98034

Scampers Daycamp for Dogs is hiring for a Dog Wrangler job in Kirkland,WA

Dog Wrangler

Scampers Daycamp for Dogs, in the Totem Lake area of Kirkland and on Bel-Red Road in Bellevue, is looking for staff for morning, afternoon and evening and weekend shifts. We are currently looking for staff for both locations, and if you're available right away, you can start right away. If you'd like to work with dogs, have lots of patience and positive energy, and enjoy a fast-paced environment, we want you on our team. This is an excellent job for anyone looking to gain experience working with animals. Many of our staff have been at this for years, and are happy to mentor newbies. But if you've been in the pet care business for a while and simply want a change, we'd love to bring you on board. We welcome people of all backgrounds - we only ask that you are good to the dogs, expect to stay busy, and have a rock-solid work ethic.

Pay & Benefits:

Starting at $12.00, Depending on experience

Duties & Responsibilities:

You will be working as a member of a team to monitor the activity of a group of dogs. You will be helping the dogs to regulate themselves - slowing down the puppies so they don't get carried away, reassuring the anxious dogs, making sure everyone uses their inside voices, and interrupting inappropriate behavior. You will also be participating in all the cleaning tasks all day long - vacuuming, mopping, wiping down walls, washing and refilling water bowls, and cleaning up all the "accidents" as quickly as they happen. This can be pretty gross, so if you're squeamish, please take that into consideration before applying.

Requirements & Qualifications:

Some notes on working with us:

  • Remember that rock-solid work ethic we talked about? It's important! If you're on the schedule, it's because we really need you. You'll be a crucial member of a carefully assembled team. Everyone plays a part in keeping everyone else (canines and humans) safe and happy.
  • Reliable transportation is a must - whether by bus or car doesn't matter, but please get to your shift on time!
  • We spend a lot of time outside, and weather conditions change. This is the Pacific Northwest! Be prepared to enjoy the elements with a positive attitude.
  • This is a physically demanding job, and you will be on your feet all day. There are moments of active and strenuous work between long periods of peace and calm. You need to be focused. You need to be prepared to run. You also need to be prepared to have fun.
  • You will be working with challenging and strong personalities both from canines and humans. Part of managing a pack is being in charge at all times - of the dogs and of yourself.

12532 NE 124th St
Kirkland, WA 98034
Tel: 425-821-9100

About Us

At Scampers Daycamp for Dogs, our mission is to provide enrichment to the lives of our clients and their dogs by providing them with clean, safe play areas, with plenty of loving supervision.

We opened our doors in 2010 in Kirkland, and in March of 2017 we opened our second location in Bellevue. We are currently looking for staff for both locations.

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