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In order to keep company finances balanced and taxes paid, jobs in accounting are prevalent in the fields of internal auditing, public accounting, government accounting and management accounting. Most accounting jobs found within these primary facets need a bachelor’s degree or higher, and may require further certification from the field.

Internal auditor jobs do just that - audit a company against it policies and procedures, company operations and management system. Auditor jobs can be further broken down to environmental auditors, information technology auditors and compliance auditors. Perhaps a broader line of work, accountanting jobs within the public realm can include auditing, tax services, consulting and more. Accounting jobs  that are Certified Public Accountants (or CPAs) usually work as an outside consultant or within a public accounting firm.

More jobs in accounting include looking at the operations within the public sector of the local, state or federal government. Management accounts generally work within corporate, private or industrial companies and support the company they work for, rather than outside firms.

Within many businesses, there are several accounting jobs that require some college or a two-year degree, including accounts payable jobs and accounts receivable jobs, which fund and invest the company funds, respectively. Another common company position is bookkeeper jobs. Bookkeeping jobs signal the financial record keeper, and in a small business, this could be the sole person responsible for the general ledger.

Jobs in tax services generally don’t require as much education or specialized certification as other accounting jobs. Tax employment can include working as a preparer, examiner, collector or revenue agent. Seasonal tax jobs are often available during the first quarter of the year, in order to keep up with the demand of taxpayer services.

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