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The beauty & health industry encompasses many professions focused on maintaining and creating personal appearances. A health and beauty jobs can vary from barber jobs, which focusing on hair care and skin treatments for men, to massage therapist work involving a variety of techniques to relieve injuries and sore muscles, to cosmetologist jobs that have an emphasis on make-up and skin care for everyday use, performances and film.

A big proponent of beauty & health careers includes services offered at a spa, barbershop or beauty parlor. Focused exclusively on men’s hair and skin, a barber job includes cutting and trimming hair, but often times includes facial hair care and shaving. Barber jobs in both rural and urban areas can be obtained through employment classifieds, placement agencies or word-of-mouth.

Within the spa or beauty parlor, a typical beauty & health career follows the types of services provided: nail, skin, hair or massage. Nail technician jobs include work with artificial nails, including development of the shape and design. A nail technician job also handles natural manicures and pedicures for the feet. A cosmetologist job within a spa is often the person responsible for giving makeovers or doing special occasion make-up for weddings, proms and holiday functions.

Massage therapist jobs require special training and licensure, and once that is obtained, the masseuse can work within a spa, sports fitness facility, massage studio, or as an independent contractor. Massage therapist employment is generally obtained through word-of-mouth, or through the massage school where the training was received.

Personal trainer jobs can be found within a fitness complex, exercise studio or as an independent contractor. Personal trainer jobs in a gym setting usually help ease the clientele in through incentive programs through the gym. Fitness personal trainer jobs offer great flexibility according to the client’s schedule and needs.

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