• Focus Workforce/Ottawa

Company Profile

Specialized Industrial Staffing


Focus Workforces provides staffing and high-volume workforce management exclusively to manufacturing and logistics companies.  We place over 7,500 people a year into logistics jobs with hundreds of leading companies.  Focus is a highly service-oriented and flexible organization able to adapt quickly to the changing workforce needs of our customers and employment needs of our employees.  If we can help you, we’d love to hear from you!  

Focus Is 

  • A staffing company with an exclusive industrial focus.
  • A long-term staffing partner, consultant, and workforce resource.
  • A highly professional leader in our industry. 


Focus Is NOT…

  • A “full-service” or “we do it all” generalist staffing company.
  • A trick name of a larger generalist staffing company.
  • A “work today, paid today” day labor temp service.
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