• Unity Health Care Inc

Company Profile

Unity Health Care, Inc. (Unity) was founded in 1985 as the Health Care for the Homeless Project providing primary health care services to homeless individuals and families that resided in local emergency shelters or on the streets of the District of Columbia.  In 1996, the organization expanded when it became the federal government’s emergency grantee for the Community Health Center programs, which expanded our patient base to include the underserved, uninsured and working poor residents of the city.  Unity’s mission is to promote healthier communities through compassion and comprehensive health and human services, regardless of ability to pay. 

Unity is currently the largest primary health care agency in the area with a team of more than 980 compassionate, multicultural professionals that include medical providers, nurses, medical and dental assistants, pharmacists, counselors, and social workers.  Every year, our dedicated staff provides quality care to more than 100,000 patients, through more than 600,000 return visits.

Unity’s staff members become a vital part of each patient’s life, recognizing that this is the best way to provide the care our patients need.  Providers do what it takes to track patients’ progress, encourage them to continue with their treatment plans, and help them rebuild or improve their lives.

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