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The convenience store industry is made up of a series of nationwide chains, franchises or mom ‘n’ pop stores that sell goods that are in demand. Generally, a convenience store varies from a grocery store in the limited selection of food basics, including milk, bread, and soda pop, readymade snacks and luxury goods like alcohol and cigarettes. Likewise, due to the lower quantity of items, the prices tend to be higher for the consumer than at a grocery store.

Convenience store jobs can include everything from being the franchise owner to shift manager to store clerk. Due to the smaller nature of the store, there is generally a lean staff but several shifts of work available. By the very nature of convenience, the stores are usually open late night and weekends, and in the case of chains like 7-11, they can be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They are also large quantities in urban environments, as well as strategically placed rural locations that may serve as a general store.

A convenience store job can follow a promotional path from cashier to manager, and the possibility of moving to different locations within the company is likely. Convenience store employment is often entry-level, and is a good place to start if interested in the grocery store industry. Some convenience stores also have a gas station and food service facility. These positions are generally obtained through the gas company or food service company, and are separate from the convenience store operation.

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