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An extension of childcare jobs, daycare jobs are generally found through franchises or independently run facilities. There are also many different types of needs in day care jobs, as some daycares exist for infant or elder care. Depending on the type of service performed, and if the clientele is infant, school aged, troubled youth or elders, specialized training and certification may be required. The typical daycare opening can be found through employment classifieds or medical training facilities.

Day care jobs can also be found within large corporations that offer this service to employees. Generally, the hours in day care jobs signal regular business hours, Monday through Friday, when the parents or family members are working to support the household. However, daycare teacher positions can include work in after school programs and seasonal break training classes. A day care opening can include daycare teacher jobs within a training facility or specialty service organization. The typical daycare teacher job involves a college degree and specialized training, depending on the clientele.

The need for day care positions will be ever-increasing as long as the economy continues to be poor. More and more single parent and multi-generational families will have to take on extra jobs and rely on day care facilities for infants, children and elder care. There are several non-profit day care organizations run by YMCAs and religious institutions that also help provide services for troubled and impoverished youth. Available positions can be found directly within the non-profit organization, and can include other industry jobs within food service and fitness instruction as well.

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