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Finding an entertainment job is a great way to incorporate a passion or a hobby with a way to make a living. Entertainment jobs can run the gamut from amusement park employment to stadium jobs in baseball fields or concert pavilions, and although the income starts off fairly low, the jobs generally come with perks including tickets to enjoy on free days.

One of the most common forms of entertainment work is movie theater jobs. Depending on the size or the theater and whether it is a corporate venue or individual movie house, these positions are usually entry level and pay minimum wage. However, there are many different jobs that help run a movie theater, including ticket sellers and takers, concession workers, and ushers, that the opportunity is there for a flexible and part-time schedule. In a theater that serves more than popcorn and nachos, there are wait staff and cooking positions as well.

According to the climate and whether the venue is indoors or outdoors, amusement park jobs and stadium employment are generally seasonal but come with many perks. Again, depending on the size, there can be any number of jobs, including ticket sales, food service, ride operation, beer vending, etc. These are where lucrative entertainment careers can be made, because there are often behind-the-scenes positions that go on year-round in catering, marketing, public affairs, events planning, and in some cases, actual entertainment performance opportunities for actors, singers and dancers.

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