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Assembler Jobs continue the factory process by adding the appropriate pieces that fit into the product before completion. Although automation has become a valuable aspect to the assembly process, the assembler job has remained prevalent to complete quality assurance, team assembling, and other specialized assembler roles which their title describes. An individual with great interpersonal communication skill will perform well with assembler jobs since most of the work involves functioning within a team. Working in warehouses and factories, workers can be exposed to dangerous machinery so ensuring proper safety guidelines are followed is a must.

The minimum educational requirements for potential assembler job seekers vary by industry and employer but usually a high school diploma or a GED equivalent will be sufficient. Specialized fields like electronics or aircraft assembly may call for additional experience or even an associate's degree. The majority of the physically difficult tasks have been transferred to hydraulic or electromechanical automation. Assembler jobs have also been used more recently in the development process allowing for increased efficiency with installing parts due to the collaborations between the two areas of work, product development and the assembling process.

According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2.1 million jobs were held by assemblers in 2006. Assembler employment is mostly held within the vehicle parts manufacturing industry but also work in other non manufacturing industries. The demand for assembler job openings will primarily be due to the number of workers that leave the occupation and transfer to other areas of work and individuals that leave the work force all together.

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