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The gas and oil industry are quite tumultuous right now, due to the nature of oil resources and skyrocketing prices. However, no matter what the cost to the customer, it is obvious that oil and gas jobs are here to stay. From gas station cashier jobs to jobs in petroleum engineering, the work will continue to be prevalent as long as automobiles and other machinery require it to run. The latest effort to go “green” will definitely change the industry, but will still require positions in the demand department.

Perhaps the most obvious gas jobs are those of station attendants, cashiers and on-call mechanics that work at the stations. Gas work can also include the process of retrieving the gas from the manufacturer to the station. Oil jobs more specifically deal with this process, and traditional oil work includes actual extraction, such as offshore drilling and work on oilrigs. More jobs in oil can be found within the petroleum industry than the extractors, and a high-paying oil job is that of engineer.

Petroleum engineer jobs boast some of the highest paid entry-level positions, but generally require at least an undergraduate degree. The primary purpose of petroleum engineers is to find worldwide natural gas and oil reservoirs, and prepare the land for drilling and extraction. Another one of the petroleum jobs that helps out the reservoir process include the geologists that study the rock and make drilling recommendations. The geologist and petroleum engineer work very closely to bring the reservoir to fruition in the most natural way.

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