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Grounds maintenance jobs include any work done on commercial or private land in order to keep up the landscaping appearance. Grounds maintenance employment can include anything from landscape architect jobs, in which the design of the lawn is developed, to pest control tech jobs, using chemicals or environmentally friendly methods to control unwanted insects, to tree care jobs that specialize in pruning or trimming ornamental shrubs and trees. Grounds maintenance work can be obtained through a nationwide chain or local independent operation.

Landscape architect careers generally require at least a bachelor’s degree, as well as specialized state certification. Landscape architect employment includes all of the elements needed in order to plan lawns and flora for private residencies, local community buildings and corporate structures. Landscape architects will often work with the government to help plan parks, shopping centers and playgrounds, as well as solutions for restoration projects or drainage issues.

Tree care employment includes trimming, cutting and pruning of trees and shrubs, as well as caring for the general health of the tree. The typical tree care job is very labor intensive, utilizing various saws and pruners, and can often include hazardous work near power lines and busy roadways.

Sanitation worker jobs are not directly related to grounds maintenance, but still help maintain the upkeep of a residential or commercial property. A typical sanitation worker job is that of trash pick up and disposal. Most sanitation workers jobs are obtained through the government, although there are private companies that deal with disposal of recyclables, trash and miscellaneous goods.

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