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Home health aide jobs help the disabled, elderly, or the convalescent in their own homes rather than residential health care facilities or hospitals. These individuals tend to need more care than their families or friends can provide. Supervised by medical staff, they give medical and healthcare services, like administering medications. Keeping records of their tasks they complete, home health aides also keep track of their patient's condition and progress. Working 40 hour work weeks, patients can also require assistance at any time of day, making working on evenings, nights, holidays, and weekends common.

The training and education necessary to become a certified home health aide usually begins with a high school diploma or equivalent, although it is not required. Home health aides are trained by registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, or more experienced aides. Employers may choose to have competency evaluations to make sure that the aide can perform required tasks for patients.

There were 787,000 home health aides employed in 2006, with most working in nursing and residential care facilities and a smaller percentage working within hospitals. Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects an increase of 28 percent in home health aide employment during 2006 to 2016. This rate will be much faster than the national average for all occupations. Jobs in home health aide are expected to grow somewhat faster than other aides because of the growing elderly population and the demand for in home health care services. Prospects for home health aide jobs will be excellent.

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