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Medical research jobs involve completing research using different methods of biomedical research and development to possibly find a way to improve human health. Advancing knowledge of life processes can result in the advances the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of many diseases. This could potentially lead to the creation new vaccines, drugs, and treatment procedures for medical conditions.

Medical research work requires at least a bachelor's degree in a biological science. Coursework will include chemistry, biology, mathematics, engineering, physics, and computer science. Once completed with their undergrad, a specialty is selected for their advanced degree such as bioinformatics, cytology, genomics, or pathology. The minimum advanced degree for a medical research job is a master's degree from a school of public health. Some jobs may call for a Ph.D or medical degree depending on the tasks and responsibilities for the position. For positions that involve administering drugs, employees must be licensed physicians having graduated from an accredited medical school, passed a licensing examination, and finished 1 to 7 years of graduate medical education.

Medical scientists had 92,000 jobs in 2006, with the majority employed in colleges and universities. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, medical research employment is projected to grow by 20 percent during the 2006 to 2016 period. This rate will be faster than the national employment average for all occupations and be due to Federal Government grants, expansions in research for particular health conditions, and workers transferring to other professions. Individuals looking for medical research jobs will face sizable competition although they will experience a significant amount of medical research career opportunities.

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