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Hotel housekeeping jobs are a growing industry of jobs focused on performing light cleaning duties. Housekeeping jobs are common in private households, but are also prevalent in the hotel industry. Housekeeping jobs specifically involve cleaning and maintaining order in a given location. These workers are responsible for using disinfectant and sanitizing products and equipment. In some cases, workers will employ electronic cleaning devices, such as vacuums and floor buffers. Common duties for hotel housekeeping jobs include: making beds, dusting, polishing furniture, sweeping, mopping, supplying new toiletries and towels, and in some cases, washing dishes or clothes.

Housekeeping jobs are entry level positions. They require little experience and no formal training. In many cases, these positions can be obtained without a high school diploma or GED. As such, these jobs are often low paying and include little to no benefits. Many companies consider these workers part time or temporary. Workers with years of experience or education should be able to advance to supervisory positions.

Jobs in housekeeping require little interaction with the public. Often, their work is done out of the public eye. In many cases, housekeeping jobs occur in the early morning hours or evenings. Housekeepers may work both indoors and outdoors. They are constantly on their feet and perform lots of bending, stretching, and lifting. Workers should be careful to avoid back injuries. It is also important for these workers to be in relatively good health as they are responsible for maintaining a clean and sanitized environment.

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