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The insurance industry covers the sales and maintenance of auto, home, life, credit card and medical policies, just to name a few. Insurance jobs are not as prevalent in larger corporations as they used to be, but are on the rise in fields such as healthcare, medical and financial. Entry-level jobs in insurance can often be found with a high school diploma, and college graduates are increasingly sought out for managerial and sales positions.

Insurance employment positions range from claims adjuster jobs to insurance underwriter jobs. Perhaps one of the most typical is those of claims auditor jobs, in which the employee will assess the property damage and act as a liaison between the insurance company and insured. Generally, claims processing jobs are covered by a strict set of guidelines agreed upon by the insurer and insured. Insurance claims jobs have changed as of late because the companies can now carry a variety of policies, rather than specializing in just one coverage, such as property or life.

Although insurance companies are usually housed in comfortable office environments and open during regular business hours, Monday through Friday, adjustors are oftentimes required to travel, as well as work during the evenings and on weekends. A typically sized company also relies on a hefty administrative support staff that may cross over into other fields. In order to keep the insurance policies up-to-date, claims processes running smoothly, and member materials current, insurance companies employ administrative assistants, accountants, customer service representatives and other top executives.

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