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Now that computers are such a common part of the workplace, the information technology (IT) field has grown by leaps and bounds. IT jobs exist to keep information systems and computer equipment working smoothly within corporations, call centers, department stores and more.

Most IT jobs require a bachelor’s degree, especially for management positions, as well as continuous certification and training to keep up with the latest software and hardware. The bulk of IT positions occur within offices during the 40-hour workweek, but can often require night and weekend work to launch products and perform maintenance while most of the company computers are not in usage.

Typical jobs in IT include programmer jobs, network jobs and project manager jobs. Programming is a very important IT job, dealing with the developmental programs needed by the company. Along with systems jobs, programming involves the planning, implementation and maintenance of Internet, Intranet and other company networks. Database jobs are closely linked within the computer science field, and work to store and organize data in the best possible way. This is often challenging, as the data may come from archaic systems, with a continuous needs to be archived along with the newer data.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, computer and IT positions are expected to rise by 16 percent between 2006-2016. Depending on the level of responsibility and location of work, a managerial salary can range from $80,000 to well into the six figures.

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