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Due to the rise in terrorism both on our soil and away, law enforcement jobs are more prevalent than ever. Jobs in law enforcement can vary from fire fighter jobs to security personnel at the airport. Even though the name implies the primary concern of upholding the law, another importance of law enforcement work is taking care of the community at large.

Take the fire fighter job for example. This job not only requires quick reflexes, but the ability to go bravely into a potentially dangerous situation. Fire fighters are usually employed by the local government, and must pass a physical, medical and written examination to be considered for the position. Other courageous lines of work include EMT jobs, or Emergency Medical Technicians, and EMS jobs (Emergency Medical Service) jobs. Dispatched at the scene of an emergency, both require quick thinking and life-saving skills. Paramedic jobs are equally as important, but usually require more thorough training and may handle the breaking of the skin and bones when the EMT or EMS staff is not allowed.

Perhaps the most common law enforcement careers are police jobs. In order to be considered for police officer jobs, most cities require a high school diploma or some college, and look highly on a candidate involved in sports or other stamina training. There is more competition for police work in federal and state agencies, and college, along with police officer experience, is required for detective and FBI careers. Probation officer jobs require a degree and may or may not be as prevalent as police jobs, depending on state funding.

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