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Assembler jobs are a valuable component to the manufacturing operation since they continue the process along by assembling finished products and adding the pieces that fit into the product before being completed. Although robotics has become a critical aspect to the assembly process, the assembler job still remains to do quality assurance, team assembling, and other specialized assembling roles that may describe the specific part of the product that they work on. Assembler jobs also calls for great interpersonal communication skills since much of the work revolves around functioning effectively with a team.

The credentials required for a person to get into this career field vary by industry and employer. Most employers would consider a high school diploma or GED a sufficient amount of education for an assembler job. Specialized fields like electronics or aircraft might call for additional experience or an associate's degree. The physically difficult tasks have been shifted to use hydraulic, electromechanical equipment or other means to aid in the assembly process. Assembler jobs have also been used more recently in conjunction with the product development process. This allows for increased efficiency with installing parts due to the collaboration between the two areas of work, product development and the assembling process.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2.1 million jobs were held by assemblers in 2006. The industry that led this group for assembler job employment was the motor vehicle parts manufacturing industry. Assemblers also work in other non manufacturing industries.

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