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CNC operator jobs, or computer numerically controlled machines, involve the creation of precision products used in the creation of automobiles, machine parts, and aircraft. These types of machines craft parts from a solid block of metal or plastic by reading computer code which determines how the part should be crafted and formed. Computer numerically controlled machines use machining tools such as laser cutting machines, multi-axis spindles, and milling machines as a part of the crafting process.

The credentials and education necessary to gain a CNC operator career would depend on the type of industry and the employer. The entry level official would only need on the job training reached through vocational, secondary, or post secondary schools. Skills learned from classes taken at community or technical colleges are also beneficial but a basic knowledge of computers with electronics or machine experience is an excellent starting point. Individuals that have previous experience working as a programmer or machine operator will have a sizable advantage over the competition.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, roughly 158,000 jobs were held in 2006 by CNC operators. Computer controlled machine tool operators, metal and plastic workers held 141,000 positions in 2006. Despite a declining employment outlook, job opportunities for CNC operators are expected to remain available. As new automation processes for the machines are introduced the individual performing the CNC operator job would be updated through on the job training to accommodate the changes made to the machine's system to ensure precise product specifications.

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