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Machine operators jobs create the parts that are used in most consumer products today. Utilizing the machine during the production process they monitor the output of the machine and may make adjustments based on its operation. Identified by what type of machine they operate, a machine operator career can vary in titles. Drilling and boring machine tool setters and milling and planning machine tenders are two examples of titles that an individual could have. Operation of several machines at once is the goal of any person with a machine operators job and since automation has become increasingly important in the industry this is becoming more possible.

This type of career calls for someone with a good stamina level since they will be standing on their feet operating the machine for most of the day. The safety guidelines for proper machine operation must be followed strictly. The machine's moving parts are a safety hazard and should be operated with the correct safety equipment such as ear plugs and safety glasses. A machine operators career also calls for persons with at least a high school diploma or previous experience as machine operators. On the job training is given in the form of observation with experienced workers and sometimes through apprenticeships. High analytical skill along with an excellent knowledge of the machine and the products that it creates are necessary.

Machine operators jobs are expected to be less than favorable over the next 10 years according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This comes from advancements in technology and the changing demand for products. Professionals in this industry with the greatest chance for employment will be those who have the ability to operate multiple machines at once.

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