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Maintenance jobs require individuals seeking these types of positions to have skills in many different areas. They maintain and repair machines, complete building work, and fix mechanical equipment. Installing partitions, fixing or painting roofs, making plaster or completing drywall repairs are all tasks that jobs in maintenance require. Some more modern buildings have centralized computer controlled systems that allow workers to change building settings and check for problems. Utilizing schematics, people in maintenance careers determine the best way to access and repair problems. They also order the equipment like hammers, screwdrivers, and other repair equipment to ensure that broke or malfunctioning devices are fix so that building systems can operate smoothly and efficiently.

Jobs in maintenance will call for standing for long periods, lifting heavy items, and working in cramped positions or awkward climates. Workers may also be confined to one building for the day or many buildings working with minimal supervision throughout the day. Maintenance technician jobs are those that require 40 hour work weeks with the possibility of being on call for emergency repairs. High school graduates with previous experience in maintenance work would be great potential candidates for this type of work. In some states there may be a need to become licensed in electrical or plumbing work. Maintenance manager jobs or supervisor positions are sought after by most once an individual has gained proper experience. Maintenance jobs, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, will continue to have opportunities for employment throughout the next decade.

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