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Production assembly jobs coordinate the production of items and their correct assembly while ensuring that output and quality goals for the company are met while remaining in the budget. The traditional assembly process of having one worker specialize in a particular task as shifted to utilizing teams of workers that all can perform all the different tasks within their team. Many production jobs require workers to work long hours, especially when deadlines must be met.

There are no definitive educational requirements that are necessary for a production assembly career. College degrees in business administration, industrial technology, management, or industrial engineering are great starting points to enter into the career field. Employees that enter the career with little or no experience generally spend several months in training programs to familiarize themselves with the techniques and methods involved with the production process. Great candidates for production jobs would have great interpersonal communication skills, since the proper interactions amongst team members will affect productivity.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the majority of opportunities for production assembly jobs will arise from workers that transfer to other occupations or retire. 2.1 million jobs were held by assemblers in 2006 with the motor vehicle parts manufacturing industry leading employment. Employers in other non manufacturing industries should also be sought for job opportunities as they are expected to be good for qualified applicants, specifically with jobs that need more training. Some employers say that it is difficult to find properly qualified workers. Smaller manufacturers will offer better opportunities than larger manufacturing companies.

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