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Quality control jobs ensure that the production quality is consistent with specific standards. They examine the output of the manufacturing process through testing and verifying the product's size, sight, sound, feel, smell or even taste. This is important because the success of the product relies on the quality. Utilizing numerous tools such as hand held measurement devices and coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) to get their job done, individuals working in the quality control field must have a good sense for the use of measurement instrumentation. It is very important that accurate measurements and tests are taken so that problems can be accessed properly by an individual with a quality control job.

Jobs in quality control determine which products need to be labeled as defective and sent for repair. In some instances they may also correct minor problems themselves, depending on the quality control person's skill level. If the product is determined as of quality then it is also labeled as such. Some inspection equipment may also be able to automatically provide reports that contain inspection results. It is pertinent to the production process that the root of the problem that is found is noted because of current management and production philosophies. The inspection process has also been integrated into the manufacturing process, allowing for easier adjustments and modifications to be made. Some companies may also have an integrated automatic quality control process.

Employment for quality control jobs between the years of 2006 and 2016 is projected to increase by 7 percent according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Job seekers with advanced skills and at least a high school diploma will have a good chance finding a quality control career.

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