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Bartender jobs can be found within any bar, club, restaurant, hotel, gaming facility and more. Wherever there is alcohol for the public's consumption, a bartender exists. Bartenders literally tend the bar, fulfilling people's drink orders and keeping the bar properly stocked and maintained. Bartenders are usually known for their customer service, providing an audience for solo drinkers or bar regulars. There is bartender training available, although many jobs are obtained through training or advancement within a bar or restaurant.

Before the facility opens for business, bartenders prepare the bar for their shift. This generally includes wiping down the bar top, stools and equipment, ensuring there are enough clean glasses of every drink variety, and checking inventory. Depending on the type of drink or cocktail, there are specific glasses that need to be used. The inventory is determined through the typical shift's demand, and is generally delivered throughout the day through the specific beverage vendor.

Bartenders also prepare garnishes for the beverages, including sliced oranges, lemons, olives and pearl onions. They have a selection of stirrers and straws, as well as cocktail napkins and coasters. Once the customers arrive, bartenders take the specific drink order and either mix the drink or fetch the beer or wine. Many bars have specialty drinks and shots that the bartenders are well versed in making. While the customers are there, bartenders need to keep the flow of the drink orders going, and also keep an eye on customers that get too intoxicated and may need to leave the facility. At the end of the evening, bartenders must clean up their bar area and prepare it for the next shift.

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