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Having a job where you get paid to shop may seem like a dream come true. Buyer jobs are positions in which the employee purchases items for resell at a store or other facility that is available to the general public for purchasing goods. More than 40 percent of the buyer careers exist within the manufacturing or wholesale industry, with the merchandise varying from clothing to farm equipment to electronics. No matter what industry, all buyers need to consider the store or facility they are purchasing for, and factor in store brand, patrons, cost per unit, quality of the item, availability and more.

Much of the buyer employment is found through a college degree in business or with an emphasis on the particular industry they would be purchasing for, such as fashion, engineering or applied sciences. Oftentimes, buyer work is given to those who have advanced within a company, and have learned the ropes under the store buyer through assistant buyer jobs.

Retail buyer jobs are the most prominent, and usually involve purchasing the goods from the wholesale establishment, and then setting up the process for distribution and merchandising. They have to predetermine what products will sell to the store's patrons, which can be repeat purchases of a standard item, seasonal goods, or trendy items, especially in the case of clothing buyers.

Due to the specialized nature of the job and weakness of the economy, this position is expected to have little or no job growth according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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